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See What happened to this 2 Ladies that Dressed like this To Church yesterday

Women have the freedom to dress as they please either to express their sense of style or to others just to flaunt all their assets to men in church. Currently the church is becoming the run way for some women to expose only what their husbands or lovers should be seeing. It is very unfortunate that the church has also turned out to be so permissive or some churches tend to encourage some raunchy type of dressing among the women. So in this case, do we blame the women or the church???

The ladies below were caught on camera all dressed up for a church program. What do you think about their dress-code??Sometimes the ladies should just watch what they wear especially when going to church. Some dress codes are a major distraction to other members of the church especially the men. Instead of the men meditating on the word of life being preached by their pastors, some go home thinking about s3x, that big b()()ty and b()()bs.

This makes it a waste of time, because he has not learnt anything important. I ask again, is the problem with the church leadership? Or is it the congregation? Just imagine the two ladies above sitting in the front seats as the pastors preaches…this cannot work out well. What I think is that, some churches should set their priorities right in terms of the mode of dressing among the women in their churches or else it will just turn out to be a social place where the women go to show off their goodies with the aim of fetching what they call ‘’good men.”

Question to the men: would you fall in love with these women who come dressed to church in this manner?? I can conclude by saying that beauty always belongs to the eyes of the beholder so men choose wisely…

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