Damn Hot : See The Top S.ex positions Nigerian women seriously can’t get enough



Missionary Style

It’s low key, but it is a good way to start your love making session because of the eye contact. The only hitch is that a lot of guys ejaculate easily when they are in this position because there is too much friction. If you want to last longer during intercourse and keep you woman satisfied, switch to a position that stimulates her cli.toris and does not require you to do too much thrusting.

Spider Style

Just sit on the bed and pull your woman towards you till she mounts you, then both of you should lift your knees. This position allows your woman to experience more intense, deeper and more se.xual pleasure than if you were doing the missionary position and there is less friction on your penis.

Reverse Cowgirl Style

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I love this one… because it allows me to see my girl’s bu.ttocks while I am digging for gold. Just stylish persuade your woman to turn around and face your legs. This position stimulates her G-spot properly and the movement would help you last longer since you would not be thrusting rigorously. If your woman feels a little uncomfortable, then return to the spider or move on to the spork which are very good positions that she would enjoy.


So many Nigerian men love this is one… including me! It is very arousing, it allows us bring out our animal instinct. The angle of this style also makes it easier for deep penetration so that you can stimulate your woman’s G-spot properly.

Belly Flop Style

This is slightly similar to the missionary style. It gives you a little bit of tongue action. All you need to do is get a pillow and place under your woman’s hips so her pelvis is pointing upwards… giving you free access to enter her from behind. You would be able to stimulate her G-spot better with this style. You would have to support your weight on your hands while doing this one.

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