See The Car They Gave A Nigerian Lady After She Won A Beauty Pageant In Delta State


According to instagram user babaahmiteh:

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As funny as this might sound, 2 months ago a model approached me to coach her for a pageantry, at my leisure time I did and ladies and gentlemen, here’s the winning prize. Truth is as little as my spare time I had to tutor her, I actually feel like trashcan, ?? waste bin, I feel useless, dilapidated and corroded for the time spent. Ok, that aside, she has to pay 100k to claim that “car” , they tried to start the car and it didn’t come up, she wad told to get a new battery, according to her the form was 4k. That ? also needs panel beating, then the “organizers” had the effrontery to wrap the seats as per “tear rubber” or? ??. Did she tell them she wanted to open driving school? ??. #stopdefraudingyoungnigerians

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